Oh my goodness, how is March already over? It’s April, guys. April! It seriously feels like 2019 has been speeding by faster than any other year to date. Or is this just me beginning to stress over the fact that my wedding is less than eight months away now… *screams endlessly into the void* But honestly. 2019 feels like it has been slipping away between my fingers, no matter how desperately I try to cling to it. Please tell me that I am not the only one currently feeling this way. Pleaseeeee…

But, regardless, March was a pretty good month for me — if we look ignore my lack of blogging. (Yes, oops. I am a terrible little blogger, but I am trying to work on my blogging schedule so that it doesn’t get pushed aside all the time. I really want to build and grow this platform so that I have a place that I can discuss everything that I love and am passionate about.) But I wrote a lot, and had the pleasure of interacting with a bunch of amazing writers. I found hundreds (not joking) of books to add to my already-toppling-over TBR. I did more wedding planning and found my dream dress. I’m even doing better at my day job.

Everything feels like it is slowly but surely coming into place and I couldn’t be happier with life at the moment.


I wrote a blog post earlier in the month about beginning my rewrite. I was excited to finally begin transforming my poor draft into what I had originally envisioned and telling the story of my heart. But, unfortunately, it was a terrible false start. I wrote two chapters and was happy with them, but eventually began feeling really negative about it. Also, trying to write the next chapter was like pulling teeth. It was painful, and I was frustrated. Hence, why there were no blog posts here, I could barely write my own book, and didn’t want to produce a half-hearted post for you all.

But, with the help of some writing buddies, some motivational writing chats on Twitter and the wise advice from my mum (she’s an inspirational goddess, I tell you), I finally began rewriting. And what do I currently have to show for it? TEN. THOUSAND. WORDS. (I could weep. I could weep.)

It has been a very long time since I have written that many words for this book — and I’m not going to lie to you, I actually love everything that I have rewritten so far. And my characters, oh my dear beloved and deeply tortured characters, actually feel more real to me than ever before. This has definitely been the biggest accomplishment for me this month.


King of Scars

I am but a wee, slow turtle when it comes to reading lately. I go through spurts where I can easily read three books in one week, but then it takes me like a month to even finish one book. Unfortunately, I’m in one of those ruts and managed to only read one book in March. But it was King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo, and that does make me happy.

King of Scars was a good read. Bardugo is an absolute fantasy goddess, and her Grisha world feels so real. Whilst it was marketed as Nikolai’s book, it really didn’t feel that way to me. And I found that I actually enjoyed his point of view the least. That’s not to say that he isn’t a fascinating character, but rather that both Zoya and Nina both stole the show. BUT. THAT ENDING. That ending was everything. EVERYTHING. And there is no singular doubt in my mind right now that I will be devouring the second book in this duology like some deranged, hungry animal.

The book that I am currently reading is LIF3LIK3 by Jay Kristoff. So far, I am really LIVING for this book. And I really want to write a detailed review once I am finished, because I have so many thoughts swimming around my head that I just desperately need to share with you all. The next book on my TBR is definitely going to be Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan. I have it preordered and I am literally dying with excitement to finally have this dark fantasy book in my hands.


I may have totally binge-watched the first four seasons of Vikings this month and I am 100% in love with this show. I am really excited to start season five soon and be ruined by these characters even more. After this show, I am planning on watching more of Black Sails.

(Also, I have been binge-watching Criminal Minds as sort of a background show. It’s great for when I’m cleaning or folding laundry or, let’s be honest, when I’m procrastinating.


Whilst the year is whizzing by faster than I would like, I do have some goals for April. I will be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo (which was a totally last minute decision, but let’s do this!) and I am excited to continue rewriting the book of my heart. So, let’s see how I go:

  • Rewrite 30,000 words of my YA Science Fantasy for Camp NaNoWriMo.
  • Read two books (and hopefully write reviews for them on my blog).
  • Continue beta-reading for my gorgeous and talented writing buddies.
  • Find a blogging schedule that works for me!

C H A T ?

Let’s chat! What did you achieve in March? What are your goals for April? I would love to hear all about them!

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