Oopsies, I’m not going to lie to you guys, I am officially the worst blogger in the entire world. I promised you more content on this little corner of the internet and I somehow fell into some humongous black hole of rewriting my book, wedding planning (I paid off my dress guys and picked out songs for the ceremony and chose bridesmaid dresses and my mum has been amazing and helped me design the table settings because she’s the absolute bees knees and soooo talented with these things), social media surfing, chatting with writer friends and having long, intense naps after working overtime at the day job because I like to stupidly torture myself like that *cries millions of tears* BUTTTTTT, I am back. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

I will admit that April was one fast-paced, fulfilling month. I may have fallen off the blogging wagon, but I was very productive in a number of other ways. I had a fantastic month of writing, read the most amazing book from one of my favourite authors, and had the absolute pleasure of beta-reading for a talented writer friend. I also baked the most delicious chocolate chip cookies in the world, ate an insane amount of waffles with peanut butter (because channeling my inner Nina Zenik is important to me) and prepared for a work trip that I go on tomorrow. It was a very busy month.


I am thrilled to announce that I actually finished my intense rewrite of my YA Science Fantasy. It was a whirlwind of overly dramatic tears and happiness when I finally wrote the words “THE END”, but I am so damn proud of myself for completing this rewrite. It finally feels like the book that I intended to write a little over a year ago (and my writing has definitely improved!) — with the dark twisty-ness of a fantasy book and the cool technological aspects of a science fiction one. It also has lots of angry girls and an enemies to lovers romance and lots of magic. It is everything that I have ever wanted to write. Ugh, now I’m getting teary.

I couldn’t have finished this rewrite without the continuous support of my amazing fiancĂ© and family — all of whom have supported me non-stop on this crazy adventure. I also couldn’t have accomplished this without the support of my incredible Camp NaNoWriMo cabin mates. With them I was able to do writing sprints to up my word count significantly and talk to them about writing. We also talked about some delicious snacks that Australia doesn’t have, which is SO UNFAIR and I must complain about this injustice because THEY ALL LOOK SO YUMMY!


lifelike by jay kristoff

Because I was so focused on my writing this month, my reading unfortunately suffered. I only finished one book in April — and that was LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff. This book was an incredible read, meshing science fiction and apocalyptic fiction together so seamlessly that I am absolutely flawed by Jay Kristoff’s talent. The cast of characters are wonderfully well-written and hilarious, and the romance was so different that I applaud Kristoff and also curse him because my wee little heart is breaking just thinking about them. Plus, the amount of twists and turns made me scream with delight — but you couldn’t expect anything less from a book written by this AMAZING author!

I’m currently halfway through City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab. And guyssssss, I am loving it. Victoria Schwab is such a beautiful, immensely talented author. Every book that I have read from her has been incredible, heart-pounding and so spectacular — so I am very excited to see where this book goes. I was planning on reading Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan, but unfortunately the one that I ordered from my local bookstore still hasn’t arrived *cries* so I had to choose something else. Hopefully it comes next week when I pick up The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman and Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff — although I’m going to confuse myself with what I want to read next!

I was also extremely lucky to beta-read for my lovely writer friend, Devon. You can check out her awesome blog, right here. Her book was so beautifully well-written and I can’t wait to see where her writing journey goes — because this girl is going places!


I actually haven’t watched anything lately — my Netflix account has been seriously neglected. But I have had The Office and RuPaul Untucked running in the background for the entire month as I’ve been writing or beta reading.


I’m looking forward to taking a very short creative break at the beginning of the month (from the 2nd to the 5th of May for the day job) before getting back into everything once I return. But I do have some very exciting goals for May!

  • Begin some very intense revisions for my YA Science Fantasy. I’m super duper excited to begin moulding this rewrite into the best possible version it can be.
  • Get the courage to share some revised chapters. (This one makes my heart pound guys!)
  • Continue beta-reading for my talented writing friends.
  • Read three books.
  • Work on the blog.
  • Write my review for LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff because I need to shout to the world my undying love for this book.

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